Waterdog Films

How did you get your theatrical release?

Waterdog Films responded on 09/04/2010

We didn't exactly "get" a theatrical release. The days of small, independent films securing large distribution deals few and far between these days. All businesses are more cautious and conservative right now and film is no different.

We knew we wanted to open theatrically in Iowa, because the film was shot in Iowa. So choosing the geographic area was easy.

Then we hired a sales Agent, Andy Stoll, and he started calling theaters -- some big chains, some small independent houses. One at a time. It's a slow and meticulous job, and he did GREAT! Power Hungry Film picked up where Andy Stoll left off and booked us into 2 more theaters. So it's very much 1 at a time, sometimes 2 at a time, but a slow-process.

We'd like to say "THANK YOU!" to all of our theaters who have booked "16 to Life" and a big "Can't wait to meet you" to those theaters who will book in the next month.

Remember, if you know a cinema/theater in your area who books 1 week and o

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